At TOPOGRAFÍA IBIZA we offer the following services:
  • Land Survey and stakeout
  • Jobsite Topography
  • Land register
  • Geodetic and Topographic networks
  • 3D Laser Scanner
  • Special proyects

Land Survey and stakeout

These days, the current state of the land is the starting point for any Project whatever its size. An adequate knowledge of the planimetry and heights of the land on which engineering work is going to be planned, where the positioning of existing services may be affected and force modifications to the initial project design or where knowing the exact position of elements such as trees or urban building is of crucial importance.

Jobsite Topography

We provide complete, quick and effective technical assistance in the jobsite from the determining the as-is original state through to the editing of as-built plans. We include surface calculations and calculation of earth movemet for certificacion purposes or control of land fill sites, as well as all types of stakeout. We also prepare the terrain data for the control and 3D guidance of machinery.

Land register

We make our experience available to you to have confidence in a series of tasks which often arise from neighbourly disputes for example over land boundaries, offering a definitive solution with the mark of boundaries and the certification of surfaces, also necessary for conveyancing operations.  Finally we help our customers with administrative processes for splitting or joining parcels, amending title etc. resolving the land registry discrepancies which may have occurred.

Geodetic and Topographic networks

Our qualifications allow us to perform a range of services from the installation of geodetic control points, delivering complete densification projects and the maintenance of geodetic networks. We also have the necessary instruments to carry out high-precision leveling.

3D Laser Scanner

A laser scanner belonging to the High Definition (HDS – High-Definition Surveying) range of Topographic Systems is being used as a key tool for the most demanding projects. So no detail is missed, our highly qualified team carries out surveys of millions of points, thereby creating vital spaces.

Special proyects

Besides all the above-mentioned jobs we also have the physical materials necessary for precision industrial topography. We assist architectural and design firms the necessary assistance for them to be able to carry out their space-redesign projects by measuring the facades and interiors of buildings.